About Us / Who are we?

The Celestial Church of Christ’s League of Professionals is an initiative of Luli Concert. The objective is to develop a database of professionals in all disciplines within the Celestial Church of Christ. The platform will harvest ideas and resources on promoting Kingdom projects within the church as well as capacity development for individuals.

League of Professionals will bring together young professionals to interact, network, share, and collectively pursue ventures and initiatives that will meet our social, financial, and professional needs while giving back to the Celestial Church of Christ.

VISION / what's about Celestial league of Professionals

Our vision is to be a team professional in the Celestial Church, whose focus is volunteering in the service to the church and our community.

The sustained focus includes engaging and empowering young professionals through signature programs, networking events, and workshops beneficial to the group, celestial church, and our community at large.

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Mission / Goal

To provide a platform for professionals within the church to support each other and positively focus our energies and resources towards youth mentoring and development, literacy, economic empowerment, personal and professional development.

To provide a platform for young professionals in Celestial church to find and create opportunities that will enhance their professional and leadership skills, entrepreneurial and business skills while having fun and bring a positive social change to the church and the Society at large

Our Mission is to support the church through volunteerism, philanthropy, and membership development. We will accomplish this by supporting the church body in its youth development programmes and providing a forum for developing young professionals and engagement of celestial youths.

LOP seeks to bring together young professionals to interact, network, share and to collectively pursue ventures & initiatives that will meet our social, financial and professional needs while having fun & giving back to the church.

OBJECTIVES / dont forget it

Our objective is to promote social and economic empowerment in Celestial church through personal development and community involvement in following areas:

  • Service to church and Community
  • Financial Literacy and Empowerment
  • Youth Mentoring and Development
  • Engagements and Advocacy for Celestial Church
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Health Literacy and Advocacy
  • Social Networking


Empowering the Church, Changing Lives!

Membership / See What We are Made of

LOP membership shall consists of CCC men and women who are proven professionals in their respective fields, between the ages of 18 and 60. We continue to promote a healthy, viable, and inclusive Celestial church forum that supports the growth, learning, and development of young professionals in the church and in the society at large.

Interested members will be required to register their interest by completing a registration form. All membership nominations or request shall be reviewed by a committee who will submit a recommendation for approval or not to the chairman. The President of the League shall approve all requests for membership.

Membership Eligibility

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FAQS / find your answers

  • Monthly or quarterly vigil @ an agreed CCC Parish (major Parish suggested)
  • Periodic seminars and symposium for mentoring and empowerment of CCC young and upcoming professionals
  • Annual Career Expo
  • Adopt a Parish
  • Sports / Fun Day
  • Annual Dinner/ Gala night
1. Exclusive Access to major church events and top hierarchy 2. Access to Speakers and Presenters at scheduled meetings and workshops 3. Access to career opportunities. 4. Invitations to Professional Networking Events. 5. Service and Volunteer Opportunities for the church 6. Opportunity to Mentor Youth 7. Promotional opportunities for your business 8. Personal & Professional Development Workshops.
LOP Meetings shall be held on the 1st Tuesday of each month (unless a holiday falls on that day, meeting will move to the 2nd Tuesday).
Location To Be Announce soon, Time: 6:30 p.m.

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