Remi Olabamiji

Apostle Remi Olabamiji (Apostle of music CCC W/W). He was anointed as apostle of music in CCC by Papa SBJ Oshoffa on the 1/7/1976. Married to the first daughter of late Rev. A.A Bada. He is the first celestial singer to have a band and to release an album, he introduce musical night to CCC in the year 1993 at CCC Majemu Lagos. Composed all songs that made CCC Army Barrack’s road Mokola, Ibadan known musically i.e Bibeli mimo (ii) Jesu nke (iii) Ranti eleda re nigba ewe (iv) Mobolowo isoro. And He his the composer of the most selling and popular record in CCC title: Ijo mimo ko le baje o. He is also the composer of Aye yi ma dara pupo and organised the longest choir competition for three weeks that features 65 choirs sponsor by Rev P.H Ajose.

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